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Meditation Monday

For this Monday take some time to decompress by participating in meditation. Maybe this can become a ritual for you, but here are some ways to meditate: Sitting: Try sitting in a quiet area inside or outside. If it’s easier for you to concentrate on background noise I would suggest being outside. If you need… Continue reading Meditation Monday


Keeping Things Positive…

This past week has been extremely hectic and overwhelming, sometimes it is hard to keep things positive. Here are a few things I find that help keep things postive while feeling overwhelming. Breathing The best thing we can do is take a minute and do some deep breathing exercises, I usually take about 7 deep… Continue reading Keeping Things Positive…


How Essential Oils Benefit Us

Essential oils are extremely unique to our health and I am going to talk about how they can benefit us. First, let's talk about what is an essential oil and how it’s made... Essential oils are extracted from every part of the plant (leaf, bark, peel, etc.) through steam distillation such as cold pressing, in… Continue reading How Essential Oils Benefit Us