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Meditation Monday

For this Monday take some time to decompress by participating in meditation.

Maybe this can become a ritual for you, but here are some ways to meditate:


Try sitting in a quiet area inside or outside. If it’s easier for you to concentrate on background noise I would suggest being outside. If you need it quiet in order to focus find a relaxing room inside, melt some wax, dim the lights, make it cozy. Sit with your legs comfortable, criss-cross is probably the comfiest, you can sit on the bed or the floor (your preference).

The key is not to fall asleep but to align your mood and take in the present.


You can do this with an animal companion or yourself, but go for a walk. When doing so listen, listen to the noises surrounding you, the birds, the wind in the leaves, take in the sights and the smells concentrate by being in the moment.

Going for a drive:

This might not be aligned with relaxation for some but it can help you clear your mind whether your listening to music or not, you are able to clear your mind and refresh your thoughts.

Please also drive with caution and don’t take your emotions out on the road, never drive off angrily, drive safe.

Bike ride:

Just like driving it can take your mind off of a frustrating event for example and are able to reorganize your thoughts. It also places you outside so you are able to listen to the sounds of the world and remain in the present.

Work Out:

This can be at home or at the gym, working out releases endorphins such as dopamine, making you happier but it can also clear your mind. Whether you are running, working on a machine or at home exercising putting the focus on the present is the goal of meditation and clearing any irregular thoughts.

Meditation is supposed to be relaxing, enjoying the present and in the long term can affect our reactions making them calmer. So being able to isolate yourself by driving, sitting in a quiet room, listening to music, or going for a walk can create habits in our mood or even behaviors to express anger or frustration in a healthy way.

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