Keeping Things Positive…

This past week has been extremely hectic and overwhelming, sometimes it is hard to keep things positive.

Here are a few things I find that help keep things postive while feeling overwhelming.


The best thing we can do is take a minute and do some deep breathing exercises, I usually take about 7 deep breaths just to clear my mind.  It allows you to take a moment to be calm and help you think clearer or more organized.


Showering! I know I’m not the only one that sits and contemplates life in the shower, I really think this is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts without overwhelming yourself.

Thinking Positively

Anytime something negative comes to mind, even though it’s hard, try to replace it with a positive thought or feeling.

This week was so overwhelming because I have been sick and things have been piling up, I thought I couldn’t possibly get to all of this done and meet my deadlines.


I took a deep breath and organized what I had to do first, as I got the less serious stuff out of the way, I moved toward the serious things that included deadlines. I think the overwhelming amount of work was an initial thought, but I really just hadn’t organized anything yet.

If I had not calmed down and organized my thoughts I would have self-sabotaged and not gotten any work done.

Loved Ones

Surrounding yourself with loved ones or things that you love will keep you in a light mood, try to kick away anything or anyone that might be toxic, at least for the time being.


These are just a few simple things to help you get through a rough week.

Don’t forget to focus on yourself and pay attention to your feelings and stress levels because you matter.

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