Why Drink More Water?


water flowerWhy drink more water?

Our bodies are made up of about 60% of water.

It is an important part of taking care of our body’s health and incorporating into our lifestyle (if you haven’t already).

It helps our most essential body organs such as our kidneys, helping filter out waste and our skin elasticity. Water filters through our cells and keeps our skin hydrated preventing wrinkles and skin irritations.

Water assists in delivering oxygen throughout all parts of your body. Dehydration can affect brain function and structure.

Drinking water also helps keep the muscles hydrated when exercising to prevent muscle fatigue.

Other things water helps with…

  • Hangovers
  • Weightloss
  • Body temperature
  • Less joint pain

incorporating it into your lifestyle…

Try to keep track of your intake, no one expects you to drink the recommended intake right away, but keeping your body hydrated will make a big difference in energy and health.

Keep a water bottle with you or a refillable one

Pace yourself

An app will remind you each time to take a sip of water

MyWaterBalance is available on the app store for free and reminds you to take a drink of water and helps keep track of your intake.

To conclude…

Take baby steps with filtering out sugared drinks and incorporating water or mineral water, your brain and body will thank you.

Starting the day off with water and a squeeze of lemon is the best boost of hydration and really helps with digestion.

(If anyone is interested the recommended intake is 11 cups of water for an adult female and 15 cups for an adult male.)

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